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1 Neutral Heroes Reborn
Heroes Reborn
A post-Homecoming MCU AU RP accepting adapted comic canons and OCs.
(Category: Other Fanon Forum)
This Month 1343
Average 737.8
2 Neutral With Great Powers
With Great Powers
"Someone once told me that with great power comes great responsibility. That’s usually thought of as a lesson for children, a simple injunction to do the right thing. But there’s nothing simple about it."
(Category: Other Fanon Forum)
This Month 1306
Average 982.6
3 Neutral Marvel: Ascension
Marvel: Ascension
Marvel: Ascension is a no word-count Marvel RP community inspired by the comics and MCU. A fresh start separate from both, there will be multiple storylines unfolding for players to participate in!
(Category: Other Fanon Forum)
This Month 1170
Average 167.7
4 Neutral World of Remnant
World of Remnant
an au, post-volume 3 RWBY roleplay.
(Category: Other Fanon Forum)
This Month 1139
Average 911.5
5 Neutral Kingdom Hearts: Malefic Musings
Kingdom Hearts: Malefic Musings
A Proboards hosted Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, and Disney Roleplaying Forum! Opened October 2017!
(Category: Other Fanon Forum)
This Month 931
Average 578.8
6 Neutral X-Men Revolution
X-Men Revolution
X-Men Revolution is an Earth-616 inspired advanced RPG. We are loosely inspired by canon comic and movies, but have our own history, original characters and plots.
(Category: Other Fanon Forum)
This Month 800
Average 250.1
7 Neutral The Truth About Monsters
The Truth About Monsters
A Dragon Age story that starts after the fall of Haven. Canons and OC's welcome with a 250 word count minimum. Plenty of opportunities to craft your own stories within Thedas!
(Category: Other Fanon Forum)
This Month 688
Average 794
8 Neutral UNBOUND
The year is 9:41 Dragon. Thedas is in turmoil as the Conclave - the only chance at peace between the mages and templars - fails, a more sinister adversary has chosen his time to strike.
(Category: Other Fanon Forum)
This Month 655
Average 650.7
9 Neutral Sirocco Weyr
Sirocco Weyr
A dragonriders of Pern roleplay set at the beginning of the third pass. A renegade Weyrwoman from Fort Weyr takes her dragon and a host of loyal riders to forge a new Weyr on the Southern Continent based on principles of equality and fairness to all. Re
(Category: Other Fanon Forum)
This Month 601
Average 583.3
10 Neutral Southern Winds Weyr
Southern Winds Weyr
We are a mature, 9th Interval AU Pern. We've destroyed almost the entire planet in a catastrophic event. While we feature 2 new mutations, we stick pretty close to canon. We've Ranks, roles, and positions for just about anyone who wants to get involved, w
(Category: Other Fanon Forum)
This Month 599
Average 848.1
11 Neutral Storybrooke Maine
Storybrooke Maine
Mature, interactive OUAT site. Member driven, & liquid timeline, giving you the power to influence events as they happen, just as on the show. So remember. True love is worth fighting for, actions, have consequences, & happy, isn't always ever after.
(Category: Other Fanon Forum)
This Month 572
Average 555.3
12 Neutral Forced Heroes
Forced Heroes
A Shonen Animanga RP that is based on the Dragon Ball franchise while also using other anime like Naruto, Yu Yu Hakusho, and others for an exciting and unique playground. Create our own character, interact with the world, and forge your own destiny.
(Category: Other Fanon Forum)
This Month 556
Average 486.5
13 Neutral Write You A Tragedy
Write You A Tragedy
AU roleplay with an original timeline that is inspired by existing comic and film canon. Join other writers who are passionate about your favorite Marvel characters in a community that has always valued development and storytelling above all!
(Category: Other Fanon Forum)
This Month 420
Average 62.2
14 Neutral Going South
Going South
Going South is a Post-Rebirth DC Comics site. Unravel the mystery of the stolen time, the death of Superman, and who is threatening the DC universe.
(Category: Other Fanon Forum)
This Month 328
Average 506.3
15 Neutral Young Justice: Beyond
Young Justice: Beyond
A oc friendly Young Justice/Batman Beyond crossover
(Category: Other Fanon Forum)
This Month 286
Average 246.2
16 Neutral The Devil's Playground
The Devil's Playground
Set in the modern nights of London, a series of murders has swept over the unsuspecting citizens of London. Kindred and Kine alike are unaware at first than an ancient Kindred has just awoken from a long slumber and has plans to rip the very fabric that i
(Category: Other Fanon Forum)
This Month 234
Average 100.3
17 Neutral Star Wars: Imperium
Star Wars: Imperium
An animanga post-canon Star Wars: The Old Republic roleplay focused on story over anything. Taking place in the midst of the Great Galactic War, Imperium focuses on plotting and writings more than tedious gradings and inefficiency. Make your very own Sit
(Category: Other Fanon Forum)
This Month 195
Average 1150.5
18 Neutral Age of Dragons
Age of Dragons
Robert's Rebellion failed. The Targaryen dynasty is still strong. An AU GoT/ASOIF RP
(Category: Other Fanon Forum)
This Month 113
Average 161.9
19 Neutral The Arrow
The Arrow
It's a brave new world. Heroes are rising up to fight the darkness. Welcome to the CW/DC Universe. Will you let the villains reign or will you help our heroes save the day? Create your own story in the multi-verse at
(Category: Other Fanon Forum)
This Month 94
Average 294.7
20 Neutral Ambulans Mortuus
Ambulans Mortuus
A Walking Dead (zombie) role-play, which is open to both canons and original characters. You don't need to have watched the show in order to play!
(Category: Other Fanon Forum)
This Month 93
Average 174.2
21 Neutral The Song Remains The Same
The Song Remains The Same
A Next Generation Supernatural RPG Based After The Events Of Season Six.
(Category: Other Fanon Forum)
This Month 58
Average 79.6
22 Neutral Avatar: A New Journey
Avatar: A New Journey
(Category: Other Fanon Forum)
This Month 49
Average 20.4
23 Neutral DREAD WOLF
a unique panfandom experience set in the sprawling world of dragon age's thedas. fans of dragon age, as well as those who have never played, are welcome to join with their favorite canon character or original. we are a literate role-play with no word-coun
(Category: Other Fanon Forum)
This Month 49
Average 306.1
24 Neutral Fallout - A Post Apocalyptic Adventure
Fallout - A Post Apocalyptic Adventure
NO WORD COUNT, SHIPPER APPS, AND FRIENDLY COMMUNITY. set 210 years after a nuclear war, fallout follows the boston area and the people who live in it. everyone's looking for control, but who will you help and hinder?
(Category: Other Fanon Forum)
This Month 42
Average 56.1
25 Neutral Shadows Betray You
Shadows Betray You
We are a friendly & welcoming AU Teen Wolf s3 / Supernatural S8 RPG. We are still Looking for some Canons - Wanted Canons :Canons include Scott McCall, Melissa McCall, Sheriff Stilinksi, Boyd, Kali, Ennis, Sam Winchester, Charlie Bradbury, Krissy Chambers
(Category: Other Fanon Forum)
This Month 41
Average 49.3
26 Neutral Star Wars: Children of Tomorrow
Star Wars: Children of Tomorrow
Star Wars: Children of Tomorrow is a play-by-post Star Wars role play taking place in 304 QR and classified as being post-post-Legacy era. We are an intermediate-to-advanced role play with an original, exciting plot, active staff and much more to offer. F
(Category: Other Fanon Forum)
This Month 39
Average 38.6
27 Neutral REIGNITE
A Mass Effect roleplay set 20 years after the events of the trilogy.
(Category: Other Fanon Forum)
This Month 37
Average 79.3
28 Neutral Snow Like Ashes
Snow Like Ashes
A premium GoT roleplay set during the events of season seven. Cersei Lannister now sits on the Iron Throne and The Dragon Queen has finally arrived home. King Jon Snow organizes the defence of the North. Come play the game of thrones…if you dare!
(Category: Other Fanon Forum)
This Month 35
Average 67.4
The youngest crew in Starfleet history will make history. They will go where no one has gone before, beyond everything that is known. STAR TREK 2009!
(Category: Other Fanon Forum)
This Month 30
Average 17.8
30 Neutral Iron From Ice
Iron From Ice
I.F.I. is an au asoiaf/got game which takes place post season six. The second Battle of Winterfell has finished, Ramsay Bolton has fallen! But new enemies and allies await! Are you friend or foe? Come and play the Game of Thrones!
(Category: Other Fanon Forum)
This Month 29
Average 55.2
31 Neutral - let history be your playground - let history be your playground
A unique collaborative writing experience allowing you to explore the past as you've never encountered it before Your journey all starts at our community hub - where you can interact with the community, register your character, and find plots and upcomin
(Category: Other Fanon Forum)
This Month 27
Average 173.9
32 Neutral Domain of the Delphi
Domain of the Delphi
Domain of the Delphi is an active AU Percy Jackson RPG that is over a year old. We're always looking for new members!
(Category: Other Fanon Forum)
This Month 23
Average 22.5
33 Neutral Bleeding Hearts
Bleeding Hearts
Klaus has just left Mystic Falls with Stefan in tow, he has left behind Tyler, his first successful hybrid and a werewolf lover that's about to get a surprise. Meanwhile in New Orleans, slayers have arrived and bought an old estate to become the new Watch
(Category: Other Fanon Forum)
This Month 22
Average 22.7
34 Neutral The Jagged Crown
The Jagged Crown
A literate dragon age based roleplay set during the events of Inquisition. Play as a canon character from the books/games, or create your own original characters. Where will your destiny take you? Join the fight and craft your very own story!
(Category: Other Fanon Forum)
This Month 20
Average 89.9
35 Neutral Show Me A Hero
Show Me A Hero
A canon-only Post AoU Marvel RPG inspired by the MCU timeline, but determined to include as many Marvel characters and mediums as possible. Superhumans, mutants and humans all welcome!
(Category: Other Fanon Forum)
This Month 18
Average 10.8
36 Neutral A New Dawn
A New Dawn
Over the past few years, we have grown as a community, branching out with three different role-playing boards across the web, being within the same universe. Members are able to play out their own plots, or recreate their favorite Marvel stories.
(Category: Other Fanon Forum)
This Month 17
Average 371.3
37 Neutral Cadaveribus
An AU SEASON two walking dead roleplay forum. The president is alive! Your favorite characters are alive! Join us, we have no word count and have been open for over a year!
(Category: Other Fanon Forum)
This Month 15
Average 59.1
38 Neutral The Magic Games
The Magic Games
When magic proves to not be might, there are worse games to play.
(Category: Other Fanon Forum)
This Month 15
Average 9.4
39 Neutral Stake Your Claim
Stake Your Claim
AU Buffy, Angel, Supernatural site, taking place after Buffy's death. Premium Jcink Site.
(Category: Other Fanon Forum)
This Month 14
Average 52.5
40 Neutral As We Fall
As We Fall
MCU site taking place in current time following the events of Captain America: Civil War We are OC Friendly, Comic Friendly, no WC Limitation site. Feel free to come and say hello!
(Category: Other Fanon Forum)
This Month 13
Average 15.5
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