welcome to shadowplay topsites!

topsite rules

01. Shadowplay Topsites only accepts roleplay sites and general interest boards. Resource sites, blogs and other websites are not allowed and we have removed those remaining in that section. We apologize for the inconvenience.
02. When you make an account, it will be pending for approval by an admin. This might take a couple of days!
03. If you close a site and make another one, you are not allowed to reuse the account. Please register a new one. If you need to reuse your email, you can contact us here for an account deletion previous to joining again.

Remember the ranking method is now based on votes. Every person can vote once a day! If you have just joined the Topsites and your button doesn't work (clicking on it skips the gateway), you can edit the button link on your site to redirect to http://sp-topsites.13days.net/index.php?a=in&u=YourUsername (It's case sensitive).

We apologize for any "advertisements" or "suggestions" about the Topsites that some people have received on their cboxes. This didn't come from SP staff and we don't support it or allow it, and we please ask that it's not done by anyone. We don't advertise the Shadowplay Topsites outside of Shadowplay.

After a lot of deliberation, we have decided to REMOVE the review system from the Shadowplay Topsites. The unbearable pressure put on us from many admins to edit and remove bad reviews has led us to determine that the review system needs to go altogether, as it has turned toxic and damaging for us and it's not fair or possible for the SP staff to have to deal with every site's reviews personally. We are sorry that this affects sites that have never asked for review removals, but we are starting with a blank slate. All reviews have been removed and any new ones that get sent will not be accepted.
We have a backup of all reviews. If you'd like to be sent your old reviews, you can contact me here, sending me the name of your site/username and email.

Don't forget to visit us at Shadowplay Jcink!


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