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1 Neutral The Next Incantation
The Next Incantation
18+. Self Hosted. TNI is a post Harry Potter site committed to delivering the very best RP experience possible with talented members and quality writing. Running since 2003, we hope you join our family soon!
(Category: Harry Potter Forum)
This Month 985
Average 3636.5
2 Neutral GOSSAMER
Panfandom animation, over 3 years old, hosted on Jcink Premium. Bring your characters from animanga, video games, western animation, comics, visual novels and more, and have them adjust to life in our six-realm multiverse setting.
(Category: Other Fanon Forum)
This Month 804
Average 3907.9
3 Neutral Magical Hogwarts
Magical Hogwarts
Magical Hogwarts is a post-war Harry Potter RPG set in the year 2000. We have an expansive setting. We feature Hogwarts, Beauxbatons, and Durmstrang, as well as offer multiple areas for adult characters to play as well. Players of all levels are welcome.
(Category: Harry Potter Forum)
This Month 723
Average 2348.8
4 Neutral A Call to Arms
A Call to Arms
For nearly two decades Westeros has known peace, but not all is what it seems. Tension has rippled across the calm surface, grudges and old wounds festering over the years. Rebellion is on the horizon.
(Category: Other Fanon Forum)
This Month 489
Average 1338.7
5 Neutral Hogwarts Online School
Hogwarts Online School
Register and get sorted at the Sorting Ceremony and start your journey through Hogwarts. HOS is 8 years old, and an AU Harry Potter forum; has over 200 boards, 1000+ members, and teaches many magical subjects.
(Category: Harry Potter Forum)
This Month 421
Average 1464.1
6 Neutral Path of the Vampire
Path of the Vampire
A vampire themed roleplay forum with a simple 2D game which tracks your character's progress. You can roleplay on the forum or location chats to gain experience for your character in game. Very active roleplaying community with an in-depth story.
(Category: Other Roleplay Forum)
This Month 398
Average 2018.6
7 Up Charming — Victorian Era Potterverse
Charming — Victorian Era Potterverse
Charming is an established, friendly HP board set during the Victorian era. We offer a host of character types (even muggles!), monthly events (both IC and OOC), and an evolving universe. Join us Today!
(Category: Harry Potter Forum)
This Month 388
Average 1776.8
Two werewolf packs battle for territory, vampires are cleaning up their act, dragons are waking after being asleep for centuries while humans & witches attempt to start a war against the supernatural by any means.[10yrs]
(Category: Original Fantasy Forum)
This Month 385
Average 1201.7
9 Neutral World of Remnant
World of Remnant
An AU, post-Volume 3 RWBY site. Canons and OCs both welcome.
(Category: Other Fanon Forum)
This Month 383
Average 1422.2
10 Up RPG Hogwarts School ft. The Mortal Instruments
RPG Hogwarts School ft. The Mortal Instruments
Aqui, um rpg inovador. O HS contem sistema novo e unico. Teste do chapeu sai na hora e mais de 12 areas com uma media de 30 cargos disponiveis para voce aproveitar agora. Cargos de adultos ilimitados para voce usurfruir e sem tem que fazer fiscalização. V
(Category: Harry Potter Forum)
This Month 363
Average 1321.7
11 Down Visionary Tales
Visionary Tales
We're Visionaries on a mission to nurture an active, diverse community dedicated to multi-genre RPing for all experience levels. A wealth of ideas, friendly staff, and welcoming members await you here. We're better than missionaries... we're Visionaries.
(Category: Other Roleplay Forum)
This Month 360
Average 1602.5
12 Neutral The Draft (Revisited)
The Draft (Revisited)
The year is 2190. The country is the United States. The current regime, The Trust, has been in power for over one hundred years. The Trust takes care of you from cradle to grave--they provide you with housing, education, jobs, vehicles--but, in exchang
(Category: Other Roleplay Forum)
This Month 320
Average 1004.6
13 Neutral Black Prism
Black Prism
Black Prism is a Brent Weeks AU, modern fantasy, play-by-post RPG where two kinds of major magic are dueling to own Lochstone, Washington... and then the world. No word count, friendly community where members shape the world's development!
(Category: Other Roleplay Forum)
This Month 290
Average 928.4
14 Neutral Eternal City RP
Eternal City RP
An original character roleplay site based in a supernatural world and a city named Evermore. Based on the ning platform, chat and forum RP.
(Category: Original Fantasy Forum)
This Month 270
Average 1425.8
15 Neutral Fallout - A Post Apocalyptic Adventure
Fallout - A Post Apocalyptic Adventure
NO WORD COUNT, SHIPPER APPS, AND FRIENDLY COMMUNITY. set 210 years after a nuclear war, fallout follows the boston area and the people who live in it. everyone's looking for control, but who will you help and hinder?
(Category: Other Fanon Forum)
This Month 260
Average 1068.5
16 Neutral Bloody Dice
Bloody Dice
Two mafias. One police department. An entire city at your feet. With a gang war near, Chicago isn't safe anymore. Will you help restore the peace, or will you destroy the city further? || shipper & freestyle app - no wc - welcoming community ||
(Category: Real Life Forum)
This Month 244
Average 599.7
17 Neutral Iron From Ice
Iron From Ice
I.F.I. is an au asoiaf/got game which takes place post season six. The second Battle of Winterfell has finished, Ramsay Bolton has fallen! But new enemies and allies await! Are you friend or foe? Come and play the Game of Thrones!
(Category: Other Fanon Forum)
This Month 229
Average 388.1
18 Neutral United Championship Wrestling
United Championship Wrestling
United Championship Wrestling is an industry built and spawned from former companies that many know in our role-playing times as WWE Board of Directors and WWE Dynasty. Join the next big federation in professional wrestling.
(Category: Other Fanon Forum)
This Month 228
Average 1039
19 Neutral Insurrection
After eighteen years of being punished for what happened in the last war, Death Eaters have once again taken over the Ministry by force.
(Category: Harry Potter Forum)
This Month 226
Average 1073.9
20 Neutral UNBOUND
The year is 9:41 Dragon. Thedas is in turmoil as the Conclave - the only chance at peace between the mages and templars - fails, a more sinister adversary has chosen his time to strike.
(Category: Other Fanon Forum)
This Month 216
Average 1114.7
21 Neutral A New Dawn
A New Dawn
Over the past few years, we have grown as a community, branching out with three different role-playing boards across the web, being within the same universe. Members are able to play out their own plots, or recreate their favorite Marvel stories.
(Category: Other Fanon Forum)
This Month 188
Average 962.2
22 Neutral The Ericourt
The Ericourt
An adult play-by-post roleplay set in a renaissance-esque kingdom with a focus is on court intrigue, politics, and the intricate lives of the wealthy and noble.
(Category: Original Fantasy Forum)
This Month 171
Average 732.9
23 Neutral Ambulans Mortuus
Ambulans Mortuus
A Walking Dead (zombie) role-play, which is open to both canons and original characters. You don't need to have watched the show in order to play!
(Category: Other Fanon Forum)
This Month 170
Average 869.1
24 Neutral Infinity Rising
Infinity Rising
A Marvel 616-inspired RP forum that takes the story back to the beginning, with member driven plots and literate writers. Canon and Originals welcome. Assembling core teams now!
(Category: Other Fanon Forum)
This Month 155
Average 611.4
25 Neutral Rainier School of Magic
Rainier School of Magic
3 Years have past since the Battle of Hogwarts, and everyone thought life was normal, especially in the United States. But the death eaters that managed to escape to the US have recovered from licking their wounds and are now building back up to try and a
(Category: General Forum)
This Month 146
Average 398.6
26 Neutral S.N.A.F.U.
Multiple Verses.
(Category: Other Roleplay Forum)
This Month 145
Average 537.2
27 Neutral Forge: Gunpowder Fantasy
Forge: Gunpowder Fantasy
Original fantasy roleplay set in a gunpowder / renaissance equivalent era. D&D inspired races including human, elf, dwarf, gnoll, lizardfolk and undead.
(Category: Other Roleplay Forum)
This Month 144
Average 563.3
28 Neutral The Kingdom of Archades
The Kingdom of Archades
In a realm where the tides of power have flowed strong for centuries, the force of change rises like the moon. The Deveraux family, in power for two hundred years, finds itself on the cusp of a crisis from within the family.. and without. The Sandovals ar
(Category: Original Fantasy Forum)
This Month 134
Average 627
29 Neutral Law of the United
Law of the United
LOTU is an AU Post-Potter no word count RPG set in 2025 with a plot basing around a new law that arranges marriages for all single adults in the wizarding world. Wondering why? Found out at LOTU!
(Category: Harry Potter Forum)
This Month 133
Average 292.3
30 Neutral From the Darkest Hour
From the Darkest Hour
Hunger Games AU with bi-annual member played games. 1 year old with many active players and plots
(Category: Other Roleplay Forum)
This Month 130
Average 557.2
31 Neutral Wizarding Warfare
Wizarding Warfare
Following a tragedy incurred by the last remaining Death Eaters fifteen years prior, the Wizarding World is now fighting its most deadly foe yet: the Muggles. With a rare and mysterious stone, the Muggles are now able to take down and kidnap Witches and W
(Category: Harry Potter Forum)
This Month 123
Average 439.6
32 Neutral As We Fall
As We Fall
MCU site taking place in current time following the events of Captain America: Civil War We are OC Friendly, Comic Friendly, no WC Limitation site. Feel free to come and say hello!
(Category: Other Fanon Forum)
This Month 122
Average 602.9
33 Neutral small towns and BIG DREAMS
small towns and BIG DREAMS
in the town of bailey, montana the sport is hockey and the high school hockey team is very supported by the townspeople. the site has two types of applications, a semi traditional and a freestyle app, no word count and is hosted on jcink.
(Category: Real Life Forum)
This Month 113
Average 645.9
34 Neutral Sirocco Weyr
Sirocco Weyr
A dragonriders of Pern roleplay set at the beginning of the third pass. A renegade Weyrwoman from Fort Weyr takes her dragon and a host of loyal riders to forge a new Weyr on the Southern Continent based on principles of equality and fairness to all. Re
(Category: Other Fanon Forum)
This Month 112
Average 497.2
35 Neutral Purple Lights
Purple Lights
A fun and friendly site with low key pressure. The RP is set in LA and each school focuses on a different thing, including two branches of magic.
(Category: Original Fantasy Forum)
This Month 105
Average 293
36 Up Fools' Fief: Original Medieval Fantasy
Fools' Fief: Original Medieval Fantasy
Five factions heading towards war - thieves, assassins, Seers, healers, warriors, oppressors... who will emerge victorious?
(Category: Original Fantasy Forum)
This Month 93
Average 279.8
37 Down Muses Mayhem
Muses Mayhem
Ever wanted to join a place where you can RP in several verses, with minimum drama? Or perhaps a place where you can discuss where a certain verse is going? You've come to the right place! We are a community of literate roleplayers, and we love what we do
(Category: Other Roleplay Forum)
This Month 92
Average 41.5
38 Down Illuminate
A literate, modern, original Faerie court roleplay site with an emphasis on realistic politics.
(Category: Original Fantasy Forum)
This Month 91
Average 683
39 Neutral Live the Magic
Live the Magic
The statute of secrecy has been repealed, and a new statute has forced wizards out of hiding. Hogwarts has taken in a handful of muggle students to promote unity between the communities. Join as a wizard or a muggle, and find your place in the new world.
(Category: Harry Potter Forum)
This Month 83
Average 409.4
40 Neutral HAVEN CITY
The door you just opened didn't take you to your room, instead, you ended up in Nurikabe Estate in Haven City. You don't know how but the why is very clear; you felt trapped and miserable. So this is it, your second chance at life. What're you going to do
(Category: Original Fantasy Forum)
This Month 70
Average 887.9
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