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1 Neutral G O S S A M E R
panfandom animation hosted on jcink premium, set in an incredibly diverse six-part multiverse. bring your characters from animanga, video games, western animation, comics and graphic novels, and choose a world for them to call home.
(Category: Other Fanon Forum)
This Month 2205
Average 4166.2
2 Neutral The Next Incantation
The Next Incantation
18+. Self Hosted. TNI is a post Harry Potter site committed to delivering the very best RP experience possible with talented members and quality writing. Running since 2003, we hope you join our family soon!
(Category: Harry Potter Forum)
This Month 1665
Average 4461.4
3 Neutral Magical Hogwarts
Magical Hogwarts
Magical Hogwarts is a post-war Harry Potter RPG set in the year 2000. We have an expansive setting. We feature Hogwarts, Beauxbatons, and Durmstrang, as well as offer multiple areas for adult characters to play as well. Players of all levels are welcome.
(Category: Harry Potter Forum)
This Month 1161
Average 2940.9
4 Neutral Path of the Vampire
Path of the Vampire
A vampire themed roleplay forum with a simple 2D game which tracks your character's progress. You can roleplay on the forum or location chats to gain experience for your character in game. Very active roleplaying community with an in-depth story.
(Category: Other Roleplay Forum)
This Month 1096
Average 2679.1
5 Neutral Visionary Tales
Visionary Tales
We're Visionaries on a mission to nurture an active, diverse community dedicated to multi-genre RPing for all experience levels. A wealth of ideas, friendly staff, and welcoming members await you here. We're better than missionaries... we're Visionaries.
(Category: Other Roleplay Forum)
This Month 1028
Average 2917.7
6 Neutral The Hobbit Roleplay: An Unexpected Party
The Hobbit Roleplay: An Unexpected Party
Our roleplay is based on the works of J.R.R. Tolkien and on the movie adaptations by Peter Jackson. We are canon, with room for AU.
(Category: Other Fanon Forum)
This Month 1003
Average 1568.4
7 Neutral HAVEN CITY
The door you just opened didn't take you to your room, instead, you ended up in Nurikabe Estate in Haven City. You don't know how but the why is very clear; you felt trapped and miserable. So this is it, your second chance at life. What're you going to do
(Category: Original Fantasy Forum)
This Month 997
Average 2929.7
8 Neutral The Beginning of the End
The Beginning of the End
POST-DH, ALL LEVELS, 2004 - Active classes, exams, student clubs, Quidditch games, Gringotts & shops, awards, mass threads and more. Get lost with us in the world of Harry Potter.
(Category: Harry Potter Forum)
This Month 896
Average 2228.8
9 Up WWE 16 INC
Over two years of E-Fed live Entertainment! Caws are not allowed. Established May 2013.
(Category: Real Life Forum)
This Month 884
Average 1903.5
10 Down Charming Victorian Era Potterverse
Charming  Victorian Era Potterverse
Charming is an established, friendly HP board set during the Victorian era. We offer a host of character types (even muggles!), monthly events (both IC and OOC), and an evolving universe. Join us Today!
(Category: Harry Potter Forum)
This Month 868
Average 2231.5
11 Neutral Eternal City RP
Eternal City RP
An original character roleplay site based in a supernatural world and a city named Evermore. Based on the ning platform, chat and forum RP.
(Category: Original Fantasy Forum)
This Month 819
Average 2160
An open universe science fiction roleplaying game set aboard the SS defiance as it wanders a distant quadrant of the galaxy. Welcome to Extinction!
(Category: Other Roleplay Forum)
This Month 810
Average 3601.7
13 Up Show Me A Hero
Show Me A Hero
A canon-only Post AoU Marvel RPG inspired by the MCU timeline, but determined to include as many Marvel characters and mediums as possible. Superhumans, mutants and humans all welcome!
(Category: Other Fanon Forum)
This Month 733
Average 663.3
14 Down Ruin & Rise
Ruin & Rise
a dragon age inquisition rp | jcink premium | 400 wc | level 3 - 3 -3 | highly character driven | canons and ocs welcome | with thedas plunged into chaos and the world fallen to ruin, will you rise?
(Category: Other Fanon Forum)
This Month 720
Average 670.2
15 Neutral Hogwarts Online School
Hogwarts Online School
Register and get sorted at the Sorting Ceremony and start your journey through Hogwarts. HOS is 8 years old, and an AU Harry Potter forum; has over 200 boards, 1000+ members, and teaches many magical subjects.
(Category: Harry Potter Forum)
This Month 666
Average 1735.1
16 Neutral Magical Mayhem
Magical Mayhem
Magical Mayhem is an active AU Harry Potter Roleplay celebrating seven years of magic! Set two hundred years after the books, we host a friendly and ever-growing community of original characters and talented writers. Join us TODAY!
(Category: Harry Potter Forum)
This Month 659
Average 915.1
17 Neutral fear and loathing.
fear and loathing.
we're a real life site set in las vegas, nevada. we're no wordcount, we only require two ic posts a month to stay active, and we're a friendly and open community eager to plot with anyone!
(Category: Real Life Forum)
This Month 659
Average 195.5
18 Up Lochland Grove
Lochland Grove
Lochland Grove is a real life roleplay with a murder mystery twist. Characters can choose to react to news and site events or turn a blind eye.
(Category: Real Life Forum)
This Month 605
Average 1645.4
19 Neutral Veilfire
An AU Dragon Age RP set during the time of Inquisition. Strongly player-driven. No word count, no application. Rated 3-3-3.
(Category: Other Fanon Forum)
This Month 604
Average 1769.9
20 Down Illuminate
A literate, modern, original Faerie court roleplay site with an emphasis on realistic politics.
(Category: Original Fantasy Forum)
This Month 594
Average 794.1
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