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1 Neutral The Next Incantation
The Next Incantation
18+. Self Hosted. TNI is a post Harry Potter site committed to delivering the very best RP experience possible with talented members and quality writing. Running since 2003, we hope you join our family soon!
(Category: Harry Potter Forum)
This Month 2369
Average 3739.3
2 Neutral Magical Hogwarts
Magical Hogwarts
Magical Hogwarts is a post-war Harry Potter RPG set in the year 2001. We have an expansive setting. We feature Hogwarts, Beauxbatons, Durmstrang, Mahoutokoro, Ilvermorny, and Koldovstoretz, as well as offer multiple areas for adult characters to play as w
(Category: Harry Potter Forum)
This Month 1589
Average 2467.9
3 Neutral Bad Intentions
Bad Intentions

(Category: Original Fantasy Forum)
This Month 1356
Average 538.8
4 Neutral Static Hogwarts
Static Hogwarts
Present-Day Post Potter, 18+, No WC! There has been nothing but peace in the UK since the Wizarding War and many advances in magical technology.This peace has helped quell a lot of house bias and anti-muggle sentiments. But, that doesn’t mean there isn
(Category: Harry Potter Forum)
This Month 1330
Average 1403.1
5 Neutral Senki Academy
Senki Academy
In the wake of an attack from outside the universe itself, the world has been left to consider if and how it will be prepared for such threats in future. To this end a new institution - Senki Academy - has been founded on the island of Kaneshima.
(Category: Other Roleplay Forum)
This Month 1241
Average 2398.2
6 Neutral Star Wars: Imperium
Star Wars: Imperium
An animanga post-canon Star Wars: The Old Republic roleplay focused on story over anything. Taking place in the midst of the Great Galactic War, Imperium focuses on plotting and writings more than tedious gradings and inefficiency. Make your very own Sit
(Category: Other Fanon Forum)
This Month 1117
Average 681.2
7 Neutral Hogwarts Online School
Hogwarts Online School
Register and get sorted at the Sorting Ceremony and start your journey through Hogwarts. HOS is 8 years old, and an AU Harry Potter forum; has over 200 boards, 1000+ members, and teaches many magical subjects.
(Category: Harry Potter Forum)
This Month 1036
Average 1703.6
8 Neutral Brook Haven Ranch
Brook Haven Ranch
Brook Haven is a therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens (many from the foster care system) that utilizes equine therapy in healing broken lives.
(Category: Real Life Forum)
This Month 973
Average 549.2
9 Neutral Marvel: Evolution
Marvel: Evolution
Marvel Evolution is a Marvel and X-men base Collaborative writing RP Forum. Many Canons available, OC's welcome. Unique story lines and a fun, diverse, and welcoming community.
(Category: Other Roleplay Forum)
This Month 929
Average 111.4
10 Neutral Path of the Vampire
Path of the Vampire
A vampire themed roleplay forum with a simple 2D game which tracks your character's progress. You can roleplay on the forum or location chats to gain experience for your character in game. Very active roleplaying community with an in-depth story.
(Category: Other Roleplay Forum)
This Month 911
Average 1660.1
11 Neutral X-Men: Divided We Fall
X-Men: Divided We Fall
X-Men: Divided We Fall is an alternate universe X-Men site that doesn't follow canon of the films or comic books. Instead we have built our own world that pulls inspiration from other X-Men entertainment mediums. Both canon and original characters are wel
(Category: General Forum)
This Month 900
Average 127.8
12 Neutral Demon Realm
Demon Realm
Once, every night when the realm of man went to sleep, their dreams would take them into the world of demons, where nightmares were born. One day, perhaps not so long ago, the divide disappeared. The realm of demon and the realm of man became one, and so
(Category: Original Fantasy Forum)
This Month 895
Average 1398.6
13 Neutral BOMBARDA MAXIMA * [JCINK Premium]
Est. May 2016 | Personified Potterverse Wizarding EU Triwizard schools are integrated, with political unrest abound as Wizarding Europe unifies. Freeform app. No wc. Friendly community. All forms of animation welcome! Join Today!
(Category: Harry Potter Forum)
This Month 819
Average 1460.1
14 Up Gossamer 💜
Gossamer 💜
Panfandom for animated & illustrated media, 4 years old, and hosted on Jcink premium. Goss welcomes canon characters who arrive as interdimensional castaways into our rich, multi-world setting.
(Category: Other Fanon Forum)
This Month 819
Average 81.9
15 Down World of Remnant
World of Remnant
An AU, post-Volume 3 RWBY site. Canons and OCs both welcome.
(Category: Other Fanon Forum)
This Month 786
Average 1476.1
a unique panfandom experience set in the sprawling world of dragon age's thedas. fans of dragon age, as well as those who have never played, are welcome to join with their favorite canon character or original. we are a literate role-play with no word-coun
(Category: Other Fanon Forum)
This Month 773
Average 77.3
17 Up The Beginning of the End
The Beginning of the End
POST-DH, ALL LEVELS, 2010 - Active classes, exams, student clubs, Quidditch games, Gringotts & shops, awards, mass threads and more. Get lost with us in the world of Harry Potter.
(Category: Harry Potter Forum)
This Month 760
Average 1409.8
18 Down RPG Hogwarts School ft. The Mortal Instruments
RPG Hogwarts School ft. The Mortal Instruments
Aqui, um rpg inovador. O HS contem sistema novo e unico. Teste do chapeu sai na hora e mais de 12 areas com uma media de 30 cargos disponiveis para voce aproveitar agora. Cargos de adultos ilimitados para voce usurfruir e sem tem que fazer fiscalizao. V
(Category: Harry Potter Forum)
This Month 760
Average 1285.2
19 Neutral The Draft (Revisited)
The Draft (Revisited)
The year is 2190. The country is the United States. The current regime, The Trust, has been in power for over one hundred years. The Trust takes care of you from cradle to grave--they provide you with housing, education, jobs, vehicles--but, in exchang
(Category: Other Roleplay Forum)
This Month 749
Average 1397.9
20 Neutral Insurrection
After eighteen years of being punished for what happened in the last war, Death Eaters have once again taken over the Ministry by force.
(Category: Harry Potter Forum)
This Month 712
Average 1241.9
21 Neutral Black Prism
Black Prism
Black Prism is a Brent Weeks AU, modern fantasy, play-by-post RPG where two kinds of major magic are dueling to own Lochstone, Washington... and then the world. No word count, friendly community where members shape the world's development!
(Category: Other Roleplay Forum)
This Month 666
Average 1217
22 Neutral Southern Winds Weyr
Southern Winds Weyr
We are a mature, 9th Interval AU Pern. We've destroyed almost the entire planet in a catastrophic event. While we feature 2 new mutations, we stick pretty close to canon. We've Ranks, roles, and positions for just about anyone who wants to get involved, w
(Category: Other Fanon Forum)
This Month 641
Average 1344.5
23 Neutral Re-Bye
Established June of 2017, we are a kpop-based panfandom personified site that revolves around rival companies in Seoul. Our community is strong and open and made with a ton of love!! We have a ton of resources to help get you started even if you don't kno
(Category: Other Roleplay Forum)
This Month 612
Average 174.3
24 Neutral Cherry Bomb
Cherry Bomb
cherry bomb is a no word count, character-driven forum meaning that your characters, the plots and connections that they make, and their interactions in-thread with other characters make up not only the content of the site but the rich diversity that is t
(Category: Real Life Forum)
This Month 604
Average 111.5
25 Neutral The Truth About Monsters
The Truth About Monsters
A Dragon Age story that starts after the fall of Haven. Canons and OC's welcome with a 250 word count minimum. Plenty of opportunities to craft your own stories within Thedas!
(Category: Other Fanon Forum)
This Month 551
Average 145.7
26 Up Storybrooke Maine
Storybrooke Maine
Mature, interactive OUAT site. Member driven, & liquid timeline, giving you the power to influence events as they happen, just as on the show. So remember. True love is worth fighting for, actions, have consequences, & happy, isn't always ever after.
(Category: Other Fanon Forum)
This Month 550
Average 143.2
27 Down By Tooth And Claw Dragons
By Tooth And Claw Dragons
An immersive and very creatively free high fantasy role-play; we have over 70 species and 10 different worlds. No word count, rated 3/1/3. Join today!
(Category: Original Fantasy Forum)
This Month 549
Average 508.5
Two werewolf packs battle for territory, vampires are cleaning up their act, dragons are waking after being asleep for centuries while humans & witches attempt to start a war against the supernatural by any means.[10yrs]
(Category: Original Fantasy Forum)
This Month 545
Average 1025.1
29 Neutral Finite Incantatem
Finite Incantatem
Finite Incantatem is an AU roleplay based around the world presented in Harry Potter books and movies. Set just four years ahead of present, real-life time, the wizarding world is on the brink of chaos as the Muggle world around them is in shambles. Anti-
(Category: Harry Potter Forum)
This Month 539
Average 401.6
30 Neutral After a Dream
After a  Dream
Description: Aeon is a small island embed with magic that hovers over an evolving world. The village is surrounded by four dense forests that were once filled with creatures and monsters until they went dormant, however they slowly begun to awaken.
(Category: Other Roleplay Forum)
This Month 528
Average 217.9
31 Neutral Newt's New York
Newt's New York
1927. New York City. Grindelwald is incarcerated for the moment, a magical mob is taking advantage of Prohibition, and No-Majs are starting to remember weird things about magical rain. It's about to explode into war!
(Category: Harry Potter Forum)
This Month 466
Average 106.9
32 Neutral Devil In Me
Devil In Me
An original supernatural fantasy rpg set in Los Angeles, CA. We are a no wc, jcink premium site with a ton to offer! We offer canons, tons of species, chill staff, and plotting opportunities. The supernatural have not been outed but they are on the brink
(Category: Original Fantasy Forum)
This Month 453
Average 57.9
33 Neutral UNBOUND
The year is 9:41 Dragon. Thedas is in turmoil as the Conclave - the only chance at peace between the mages and templars - fails, a more sinister adversary has chosen his time to strike.
(Category: Other Fanon Forum)
This Month 445
Average 874.4
34 Neutral Ark City
Ark City
Ark City is a gently futuristic, metahuman roleplay. The last great beacon of civilization in the former United States, Ark City is a place where ordinary humans (Typics) and their more gifted counterparts (Evolutes) live side by side--though not necessar
(Category: Other Roleplay Forum)
This Month 427
Average 68.2
35 Neutral Heart of the West
Heart of the West
A 333 - MA-18+ Historical Real life Roleplay set in the American Old West. The year is 1869 and the town has only been officially on the map for the last 10 years. No WC - - Experienced active members.
(Category: Real Life Forum)
This Month 422
Average 825.2
36 Neutral We Are Deathless
We Are Deathless
We're an 18+ lore-lite supernatural role play based around our take of the Russian folklore about Koschei the Deathless. We're welcoming, friendly, and, we want to create a unique world together.
(Category: Original Fantasy Forum)
This Month 398
Average 253.4
37 Neutral Elzynthia
Welcome to the madness, otherwise known as Elzynthia. Grab your reins and hang onto your hats because it's going to be one hell of a ride! Elzynthia is a fantasy world like no other. Though it's been loosely inspired by many different outside sources (wh
(Category: Original Fantasy Forum)
This Month 393
Average 49.7
38 Neutral We Are Bulletproof
We Are Bulletproof
A paranormal small town RP with mini plot events and more!
(Category: Other Roleplay Forum)
This Month 360
Average 39.4
39 Neutral A New Dawn
A New Dawn
Over the past few years, we have grown as a community, branching out with three different role-playing boards across the web, being within the same universe. Members are able to play out their own plots, or recreate their favorite Marvel stories.
(Category: Other Fanon Forum)
This Month 352
Average 805.8
40 Neutral Sirocco Weyr
Sirocco Weyr
A dragonriders of Pern roleplay set at the beginning of the third pass. A renegade Weyrwoman from Fort Weyr takes her dragon and a host of loyal riders to forge a new Weyr on the Southern Continent based on principles of equality and fairness to all. Re
(Category: Other Fanon Forum)
This Month 351
Average 467.4
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